Metal Cantilever Sliding Gate

Gate/Door Automation

What is the need for door/gate automation?

The type of automated doors and gates you choose will depend on the kind of property you own. The needs of a residential property owner will be different for someone looking for the right security access for their commercial premises. With different types of automated gates available, we can help you choose the correct automatic gate to suit your property. Automatic gates can be useful for people with mobility issues, allowing them to open doors and gates without the need to physically open doors or gates. For commercial properties, automated gates provide an extra level of security allowing only those with access into the property. We at BSL offer automated gates in all shapes, sizes and material; bifold electric gates, electric sliding gates, wooden electric gates, metal electric gates, aluminium electric gates and many other forms of automatic electric driveway gates.


Driveway Gates

Automated driveway gates can be used for a variety of purposes and come with many benefits. These include security, access, privacy and aesthetics. Automatic driveway gates and accompanying driveway gate intercom systems, provide a higher quality of access control for ease of use and peace of mind for both driveway security and simpler to manage home access. BSL will design, install, automate and maintain your automated driveway gates and offer a wide range of automated electric gates with secure and reliable driveway access control systems. We’ll work hand in hand with you, providing advice, recommendations and maintenance tips of the trade to ensure you’re getting the best service possible.


Driveway Gate Installation


Metal Security Gates

BSL supply a variety of metal security gates for all situations; including residential gates, commercial gates and will cater for your special security needs. Our steel security gates are manufactured and installed to a very high standard, with designs that complement your property and enhance security for both your vehicle and pedestrian entrances.


  • Slide Open on a Track 

Tracked steel sliding gates possess a space-efficient design, making them suitable for many different heights and entrance widths.


Metal Sliding Gate


  • Cantilever Sliding Gates

Cantilever steel sliding gates do not require tracks and can operate as single or double leaves. They are perfectly suited to where there is limited space or a sloping uneven ground behind the automated security gate.


Metal Cantilever Sliding Gate



  • Bi-folding Speed Gates

Bi-folding gates work well when space is limited, especially if the area is subject to high winds. These gates are perfectly suited for entrances that are too narrow for steel sliding gates. Bi-folding gates add to the aesthetics of your property giving it a beautiful stylish finish.



Metal Bi-folding Gate



Automated metal gates are naturally strong and resistant to corrosion, ensuring your metal gate will maintain its beautiful finish for many years, and if properly maintained some may even last a lifetime.




Aluminium Security Gates

Aluminium is a great material of choice for automated electric security gates as they are known to be lightweight and for their resistance to corrosion. Aluminium security gates are a popular choice as they can be used as driveway gates, garden gates, or pedestrian gates due to their durability and robustness. Aluminium security gates have a great lifespan and do not rot, crack, warp, contract, and with the correct maintenance will last you a lifetime.

Aluminium gates are resistant to corrosion and won’t be affected by ever-changing weather conditions. To prolong your aluminium gates life expectancy even further, we offer powder coating solutions in a variety of colours; Black, grey, wood, and white. Aluminium security gates offer UK residence the perfect low maintenance option for their automatic security gate needs.

BSL supply aluminium security gates in a variety of styles suitable for both residential and commercial properties. These aluminium security gates can be both automated swing gates or electric sliding gates for driveways.

Aluminium Gate




Wooden Security Gates

Automated wooden security gates not only proved safety and security, but these well-made electric gates look stunning in both traditional and modern settings for all property types. BSL ensure that your automated wooden security gates are custom made to your individual requirements, from solid hardwoods such as Oak, Sapele, Iroko, and Idigbo which have been chosen for their natural properties of resilience, strength, quality and good looks. BSL supply a variety of automated wooden security gates for all our customer needs; sliding wooden gates, wooden electric sliding gates for driveways, and automatic wooden swinging gates, to name a few. We can automate wooden security gates built on solid piers (made of wood, brick or concrete), and if required, provide proper gate maintenance so your automated wooden gates continue to offer you years of excellent service.


Wooden Gate




Manual and Automated Barriers

Regulating access to your property can be made easy with manual or automatic raising barriers. Security barriers are often a visitor’s first contact with your company so appearance is important. They can be produced in your corporate colours and branding. Whether a small or large project, we ensure that any scheme fits your needs. Barriers are a cost-effective way of controlling traffic on your site, allowing access to authorised users as well as monitoring visitors. Modern technology allows the Barriers to work continuously utilising 24v motors and built-in safety mechanisms. ANPR cameras can be fitted alongside automated security barriers speeding up entry to your site and tracking visitors where necessary.


Automatic Barriers




Full Height Turnstiles

BSL offers a range of turnstiles to provide high quality and robust anti-tailgating security solution. If you need to control the flow of pedestrians onto sites such as stadiums, construction sites, or where there is a high degree of security, our range of heavy-duty turnstiles are manufactured to a high specification and designed to restrict public access. Our turnstiles offer an unmanned security solution that is fully integrated with access control and CCTV systems giving you greater control and full monitoring of all events. BSL can supply a range of turnstile designs to cater for your needs; wheelchair access, bike access, and pedestrian access, to name a few.



Automatic Turnstiles