Monitored Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder Alarm Systems

What is the need for intruder alarms?


An intruder alarm system is a widely used security measure that prevents or mitigates a variety of crimes (robbery, burglary, arson, and malicious damage) at home and business premises and is widely recognised by insurers.


How to choose the best intruder alarm?

The installation of an alarm system is a significant investment in the security of your premises, so it makes sense to get it right the first time. If you succumb to the temptation to simply select the cheapest alarm quotation, you may end up with a system that fails to fulfill your, or your insurer’s, expectations, and you may also have bought a system that cannot later be easily altered. Let us at BSL help you to choose the best intruder alarm system for your property to keep your well-earned assets safe and sound when you are not around.



Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarm systems are typically either ‘bells only audible alarms’ or ‘remotely monitored alarms’ with either a key holder only or Police response. In many cases, more modern solutions also provide Internet-based phone apps which send alerts to your phone and allow you to control the alarm system from a remote location.

When activated an ‘audible alarm’ sounds to alert and warn anyone in earshot, effectively relying on those that hear it to take appropriate action. Additionally, these can often be set up to provide voice, text, or email alerts to your phone. With different types of intruder alarm systems available, we can help you choose the correct alarm system to suit your property.




Unmonitored Systems

Unmonitored intruder alarm systems are often referred to as audible only or locally signalled systems as their activation is usually only indicated by the use of an audible warning device located on the outside of the property, eg a siren. In the event this alarm system is triggered, the response relies on someone nearby hearing the alarm and taking action to investigate.

These systems are best used for low-risk homes (those without significant amounts of contents/valuables) and which, for a potential response, have other homes adjacent.



Unmonitored Intruder Alarm Systems




Monitored systems

For high-risk properties it is recommended to install a monitored alarm system, often referred to as a remote signalling or remotely monitored system as, in addition to having site warming devices, eg a siren, the property will also be fitted with an alarm transmission system used to transmit alarm signals to a continually manned alarm receiving center. At the alarm receiving center, an alarm alert will be picked up and the nominated keyholders or the correct authorities (a company providing alarm response in return for a fee) will be contacted for a speedy response.

Monitored intruder alert systems are typically used at business premises and at higher-risk homes (those with significant amounts of contents/valuables).



Monitored Intruder Alarm Systems


Why chose BSL-CCTV for your intruder alarm?


We at BSL offer intruder alarm systems that use sensors connected to a control unit via hardwire or wireless link. Sensors commonly detect changes in the environment such as the opening of a window or inside motion. We offer a range of alarm systems, from small, all-in-one noisemakers to sophisticated, multi-zoned systems with color-coded computer outputs. For more sophisticated buildings there are additional features we can install with your intruder alarm system, include glass break detectors, panic buttons, pressure mats under carpeting, and alarm screens for windows.

At BSL-CCTV we specialise in home and commercial buildings and we understand each customer’s individual needs. We provide a bespoke solution that suits you. Whether it’s a simple unmonitored system or a more complex alarm system connected to remote monitoring stations and fully integrated into your access control, intercom and CCTV systems, we’ll find the option that suits you best and provides the right level of coverage for your property.