Commercial CCTV Installations

Commercial CCTV Installation

What is the need for Commercial CCTV?

If you run a business you’re the only one who truly appreciates its value so it makes sense to look after it and to avoid becoming a victim of crime. Having a visible professional CCTV system is a big step towards looking after your business and not becoming just another crime statistic.

BSL-CCTV has been installing CCTV systems in commercial properties for years and we understand what works. You can’t have cameras everywhere but there’s an important balance between having them in the right places to deter potential criminals and having them positioned to capture the images you need.

Our engineers can identify the most likely access points for a break-in and suggest the best positions to mount cameras to counter this. So whether you’re looking for a small system for a shop or bar or whether you need a system for a large industrial unit we can provide the most effective solution for your business.


Discrete Camera Survalence

BSL-CCTV can install cameras discreetly to secure your commercial property, without there being obvious filming taking place.

We provide a range of services to ensure your hard-earned property is being protected, inside and out.


Check-in whilst on the go

View live footage of your home from any location with Remote Access. Simply sign in from your smartphone, laptop or computer to view your camera footage.


Why chose BSL-CCTV for your commercial installation?

  1. We will Install CCTV systems that are designed to suit your needs and budget.
  2. BSL-CCTV engineers can advise and help you plan your CCTV system, to maximise its effectiveness and ensure you are happy with the end result.
  3. Take advantage of all BSL-CCTV installation services, such as DVR installation, CCTV remote access, and more.
  4. Enjoy a professional and tailored service that will help secure your business. Protect access points, site entrances, and valuable equipment today.